Website translation

Milega, your specialist partner for translating your website into more than 45 languages

Milega offers translation services for your "turnkey" website

Translating (or localising) a website is the process of adapting it for a given region. It involves translating the text into the region's language and adapting it to suit local customs, culture and the specific needs of the target market. Each website translation therefore needs to be adapted to the situation and specific nature of the market concerned.

Technology is particularly important in website translation. We use the latest technology so that we can translate a website in whatever format you need: HTML, PHP, ASP, PO, Java, XML, XLS. Our customers send us their texts in the format of their choice and we send them back the translation in the same format, ready to be integrated into the new web page.

We also have the capacity to manage the entire process of extracting the content, translating it (including search engine optimisation for the target market) and integrating the translations.

You supply us with the access codes for your site (after we sign a confidentiality agreement) and our teams manage all of the subsequent steps. "Turnkey" website translation!