Medical and pharmaceutical translation

Milega: quality and precision for your medical and pharmaceutical translations

Entrust your medical and pharmaceutical translations to specialist expert translators.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation concerns dozens of specialities. The types of translation involved in this sector can therefore be very diverse.

Examples include:

  • Biomedical documentation translations
  • Medical and pharmaceutical market research translations
  • Medical device instruction manual translations
  • Distribution contract translations
  • Clinical trial translations
  • Pharmaceutical documentation translations
  • Medical science article translations
  • Interpretation at medical meetings and conferences

The precision, quality and reliability of a medical or pharmaceutical translation is vital to ensuring the patient's health, the reputation of the company and the drug, and scientific breakthroughs, among others.

To respond to this need, we are able to call on professional, native-speaking translators who specialise in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. They all have at least 5 years' experience in this industry and participate in continuous professional training in medical or pharmaceutical translation techniques. We guarantee optimal quality, and if we have the slightest doubt as to the subject matter, we will not hesitate to turn down the project.