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A quality tourism translation is essential for boosting trade and continuing to attract visitors, since this is the link between tourists and the destination they want to visit.

The numerous online tourism portals and websites are huge translation consumers (translation of hotel descriptions, tourist guides, tourist destination information, tourism blogs). These translations are also particularly powerful natural SEO tools that allow these portals to capture future customers. However, this SEO work must not forget one key aspect: the need for quality tourism translations.

Tourism texts employ informal language, with a relaxed and direct style to attract the reader's attention. Likewise, cultural elements are a major part of these texts, such that the translator must act as a medium combining linguistic skills withcultural knowledge.

Tourism texts do not contain technical terms, but this does not make the translation any easier; quite the contrary in fact, because the translator must take into account the different nuances while remaining faithful to the original text.

Milega relies on native-speaking professional translators with the necessary training and experience to deliver high quality tourism translations.