Milega: More than just a translation agency!

Milega is a professional translation agency based in Europe, with its headquarters in Barcelona. We also have representatives in Paris as well as in Latin America, with offices in Santiago de Chile.

We can offer your company over 8 years of experience as suppliers of professional translation services in more than 45 languages.

In order to offer you unrivalled quality, we are able to call on the services of more than 380 professional translators and interpreters, multilingual project managers, as well as web editors, SEO specialists, webmasters and many other partners in the languages sector. Much more than a classic translation agency could offer you!

We combine the benefits of traditional translation (all of our translators are native speakers holding translation qualifications) with the latest technology (translation memory, turnkey website translation, etc.)

We offer three main services: classic translation with 14 fields of specialisation, search engine optimisation (SEO) translation, and worldwide conference interpreting services.

At the same time, we have gradually integrated new services so that we can offer a complete linguistic service that is adapted to the needs of each company: sworn translation, DTP and graphic design, voice overs, testing, website integration, content creation, etc.

Armed with these skills, we can offer you a tailor-made service, great responsiveness and quality guaranteed by our quality labels.

Trust lies at the heart of the relationship that we establish with you as partner companies. This means that you can fully devote yourself to your everyday work, safe in the knowledge that the management of your translation project is in good hands.