Legal translation

Milega: an expert legal and sworn translation team

Trust Milega with your legal and sworn translations. Guaranteed responsiveness and quality!

We work with numerous law firms to translate any type of document from contracts, expert reports and legal reports, to financial and commercial reports in the fields of international law, personal and family law, employment law, commercial law, immigration law, consumer rights, intellectual property rights, trade disputes, medical errors and bankruptcy, among others.

We offer this service in every language, even the rarest: Mandarin legal translation, Arabic legal translation, Japanese legal translation, Swedish legal translation...

What's more, our translation agency also offers sworn translation services. In France, a sworn translation involves the translation of a legal document by a translator who has taken an oath at the French Tribunal de Grande Instance. They are then authorised to place their stamp on the translated document. We also offer this sworn translation service in several other countries, each with its own sworn translation system.