E-commerce website translations

Milega is your specialist translation agency for e-commerce translations

Milega: a team of e-commerce website translation experts

As a translation agency Milega has developed its expertise in the field of e-commerce, offering you a specific translation service that responds effectively to the growing need for specialised online sales websites.

These websites are generally multilingual, with product records that need to be regularly updated. New languages are also regularly integrated into the website each time you open up new markets.

By working as a partnership, we allow you to improve response times, optimise your productivity and make savings thanks to the translation memories created for each e-commerce website. These memories allow us to offer you the best prices, with a discount of 50% on internal repetitions within the website. And repetitions are generally very frequent in product descriptions on e-commerce websites!

Thanks to our professional publishing tools, our e-commerce translators are able to work directly with the majority of web formats (XML, HTML, ASP, etc.). We can therefore send your e-commerce translations back to you in the same format, ready to be integrated into your website.