Level 1: SEO translations

Searching for keywords and integrating them into the translation memories.

We rely on SEO specialists to evaluate our professional translations in order to obtain optimised translations.

It is particularly important to choose the right keywords and translate them correctly so that they appear among the top results in search engines. There are two options:

  • Option 1: the customer sends us a list of keywords and their equivalents in the target language. We integrate these words into the translation memory glossaries, thereby guaranteeing that these terms will be used in the translation. 
  • Option 2: the customer provides the keywords in their language and we come up with equivalents, which we then verify with the customer. This service entails an additional cost (European languages only).

We supply an exhaustive list of keywords in each of the languages that your website will be translated into. We guarantee that the keywords we provide are the most relevant for your sector of activity. This means that users who visit your website having entered these words into a Google search could become your new clients.

Once the keywords have been identified, we insert them into the translation memories (glossary) that our professional translators use. This approach guarantees that the keywords will be used in the translations. It also means that the translations are already optimised for search engine result positioning.